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Your Venue of Choice

Since we were established in 2015, our goal at Tomaville Events Centre has been to help our clients realize their unique and personal visions for their weddings and special events. We’re in the business of creating experiences you and your guests will want to remember forever. We believe that every element of your celebration should be special, starting with the venue.

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Event planning/hosting

Tomaville Events Centre is committed to excellence both as a stunning venue space and with the services we provide. Clients can choose from our popular 1000-sitting capacity hall (500 banquet style), or either of our two 50-sitting capacity Executive seminar rooms  to beautifully customize and make their own. When you celebrate your special occasion with us, you can take advantage of our small chops (finger foods) kitchen, with the entire Tomaville Events Centre team here to serve you.

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How may we tempt you?

At Tomaville, we promise that the prices offered on our website are the best available anywhere.

Price List

1. Hall with plastic / executive chairs (full day): N750,000
   1a. With plastic chairs (half day): N500,000

   1b. With executive chairs (half day): N620,000
2. Hall with Chiavari chairs additional N150,000
3. Seminar hall with plastic chairs: N100,000 (full day) / N
50,000 (half day)

   3a. Seminar hall with executive chairs: N120,000 (full day) / N70,000 (half day)
   3b. Seminar hall with banquet/chiavari chairs: N130,000/N150,000 (full day) / N7
0,000 (half day)

Hourly rental negotiable...

A. Chiavari chair: N500 each.
B. Banquet chairs: N1,200 per dozen
C. Plastic chairs: N600 per dozen
D. Chair cover N100 each off-site
E. Table: N1,000 each off-site

F. Brocade Table cover: N1,000 each

G. Table cover for banquet: N500 each

H. Table cover basic: N400 each
I. Transportation: N2,000 (depending on location)
J. Pulpit: N3,000
K. PA system: N5,000
L. Decoration: Negotiable
M. Catering: Negotiable
N. DJ/MC: Negotiable

O. Cleaning: N10,000

P. Ladder: N1,500 (without transportation)

Q. Photographer: Negotiable

R. Makeup: Negotiable

Please note: Clients are required to make a refundable deposit of twenty thousand naira (20,000) caution fee.

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